About Us

Liveastory.com is a website that allows parents and professional to created personalized instructional stories for children. Instructional stories are a form of bibliotherapy, which is an established concept that has been used in therapy and library science since the 1930's [reference]. Bibliotherapy consists of choosing specific reading material or stories that are relevant to a person's life situation and then reading, discussing, or introducing relevant activities to reinforce the story. Liveastory.com provides several instructional stories that are written by Dr. Cara Daily, a licensed pediatric psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of children with pervasive developmental disorders and other special needs.

Story topics include:

  • Mental Health: Stress and anger management
  • Physical Health: Hygiene, diet, and exercise
  • Social Health: Pragmatic language skills, reciprocal communication, nonverbal body language
  • Behavioral Health: Following directions, organizational kills
  • Spiritual Health: Loving God, prayer, going to church