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Events - from spark. to finish.

In just a few minutes you can design, publish, and promote an event webpage that handles event administrative tasks for you automatically.

Track registrations, tickets, and donations
Create an event webpage that works 24 hours a day. EventSpark saves you time when attendees sign-up, make purchases, check details, or reply to your invitations online. To accomodate people not online, you can manually record all replies and transactions into EventSpark so that all your data is collected in one reliable location that is accessable anywhere. -- learn more!
Design promotional email invitations and more
Attract people to your webpage by trying new promotions and find for yourself what works best to increase participation. Preserve your look and feel using our design tools and great templates for more than just your webpage. -- learn more!
  • Send email invitations and newsletters
  • Post on blogger, myspace and facebook
  • Promote though google and yahoo searches
  • Create interest generating surveys
Collect payments easily
EventSpark makes it easy for people to pay for events, fundraisers and membership activities. In about 5 minutes, you can collect Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, or electronic check bank payments. There are NO setup or subscription fees. -- learn more!
Update contact lists automatically
Whenever users interact with your website, their contact information is updated. We also track and report critical information such as subscribe/unsubscribe requests, who opened your email, what they clicked, who bounced, how many times your message was forwarded, and more. -- learn more!